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Our history through the years

Over 30 years experience providing customized construction services in the residential and commercial industry.

From the time he was nine years old, Elias Borrero has worked on construction sites. He found himself hanging around his family’s operations, hungry to work and striving to learn. Through the careful guidance of his older relatives he not only learned the basics of construction but also the more important life lessons of trust, loyalty and determination. He learned that, in life as well as in construction, the only way to create something that lasts is by starting with a strong foundation. Through the opportunities granted to him by his family he began creating the strong foundation that would form the basis for everything he would eventually accomplish.

As he aged, Elias tried to move away from the construction industry and turned his attention toward business. The dedication and loyalty he learned on work sites served him well in the sales world, but eventually he found himself drawn back to the construction industry. For many years he worked for various companies using the expertise he learned in sales and his extensive knowledge of the construction industry. This led his teams to record breaking success. Although with all the success he enjoyed, he knew that there was still more he could do. He knew that if he built his own business from the ground up starting with a strong foundation, he could create something that lasted. Finally, in 2005, the moment was right and the timing was ideal for him to strike out on his own. It was then that Prestige Construction of Florida was created.

With Prestige Construction, Elias sought to combine everything he had learned to create a company that put clients first. By working with both high profile clients and smaller organizations, Elias realized that he needed to develop a process that treated customers as real people and made them part of the family. His willingness to work on any project, big or small, led to early successes and allowed Prestige Construction to survive and thrive through the devastating housing market collapse.

While other companies let their pride bury them, Elias showed his clients he was ready to earn their business by providing quality work at a fair price. Starting with small projects, Prestige Construction of Florida eventually became the premier building company in the region, servicing clients such as Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, GOAA, Orlando Magic, Loews Resort and so on.

After more than forty years in the industry Elias Borrero’s dream of building a family owned business that treats its clients with respect and loyalty became a reality. Now, more than a decade after it’s founding, Prestige Construction of Florida continues to earn its place in the upper echelon of construction companies with its dedication to hard-work, commitment to loyalty and desire to build things that last.

We are here because of our clients. Thank You for choosing our services!